To soap?

Yes it’s true! Soap. I have been wanting to make soap for a long time! It is fun and a great way to get some of the chemicals from commercial soap out of your system. My soaps are special. Unique. No two are exactly the same. As a reiki master I am putting a healing dose of reiki into all my soaps and body products as a way to add healing to your everyday life! Right now it will be hit or miss as to which scents I have available as I am still experimenting but I am just so excited. 
Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps to heal your mind, body and spirit. By putting it in the soaps you will get a dose of healing every time you wash. Even by sitting in your sink the reiki in the soap will help create a calming environment. 
So far I have Lavender and Citrus available. More coming soon. Have a blessed day. 

Published by Kahlan MoonFlower

Shamballa Multidimensional Healer Expanded Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue Spiritual Artist. Avid Crochet and yarn crafter. Dance and Yoga Enthusiast

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